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Should I Feed My Dogs Green Tripe?

The answer is definitely yes. But here's what you should know: 

1. Green tripe looks like brains and smells like poop. It is full of digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria that will benefit your dog's gut.

2. You should never store it in plastic unless you don't mind your Tupperware smelling like a cow's stomach FOREVER.

3. Your roommates will hate you and your dog friends will love you. 

4. Try to buy grass-fed, antibiotic-free tripe like we do, from ReelRAW. The bleached stuff you find at the grocery store is not what you want.

5. People who feed their dogs green tripe are usually hardcore raw feeders, however, even dogs on a kibble diet will benefit from eating some tripe. 

To find out more about what exactly tripe is, the benefits for you dog, and how to shop for it, you can read this article from Dogs Naturally: The Stink On Tripe

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