Dogs store stress in their bodies the same way people do. Problem behaviors in dogs are caused by this stored stress being expressed in unwanted ways. Stress is simply a natural biophysical reaction to stimulation. When the energy equation is out of balance, i.e. too much stimulus without enough emotional grounding, we get a surplus of stress. So what we have to do is give your dog a place to download this excess energy.

There are a few core exercises for dogs that work to bring this energy to ground, at the same time making your dog more resilient moving forward. Holistic Dog Training is akin to somatic psychology for dogs. We take into consideration that the mind and body are one, and so in working to heal the body of excess stress, we can bring the mind back into balance. 

We are located in Portland, Maine and we service the surrounding towns at the rates stated for Holistic Dog Training as well as Walk and Train. Happy to travel further, with surcharge for mileage.

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