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Board & Train Program

Canine Movement Lab

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Board & Train Program

If you are truly in need of a board and train program, your dog will be welcome to stay at our facility for a week or more. Board and train is not a quick fix to your training problems, and we can never guarantee a specific behavioral outcome. We will work to help your dog build confidence and learn new skills while they stay with us, but you will need to continue the training once you bring your dog home again. 

Training a dog is a long process and you must understand that one or two weeks will not totally transform the dog, and they will not come home "trained." Board and train just gets the ball rolling, and at the end of the session, that ball will be in your court! 

For each week of board and train, you will have one private session included in the program, for which you will need to come to our facility and work with your dog. 

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