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Our Mission

Dogs are completely "in the moment" creatures, with no separation between mind and body. By studying the way they move and honoring their innate wildness, we can help restore their natural function: to be happy, social, and loyal companions

Connection vs. Control

Our lessons will focus on helping you create a connection with your dog. When your dog feels connected to you, obedience naturally follows. Our obedience work is based on teaching you how to be a confident communicator while learning new skills, sensitivity and patience. The result: Your dog trusts you and you can trust your dog!

Training Methods

Our training methods emphasize connection, safety, and trust. It may look a bit different from traditional or "mainstream" training.

At Canine Movement Lab, we honor your dog’s natural abilities while helping them build confidence.

If you are ready to embark on a unique journey with your dog, you've come to the right place.

What Our Clients Are Saying


"For those of you who really want to get to know your dog’s nature, gain his respect, and, yes, his love, this holistic approach is enlightening. The bonus is that your dog will walk better on a leash, sit, and other types of calm and polite behavior, naturally. Leah’s YouTube videos are extremely helpful and clear. She is always ready to listen to any question and concern, and, responds immediately whether by text, email or phone. I really appreciated Leah’s compassionate treatment of both canine and human."

-Allyson, Portland


"I got Apollo last Oct 2018 when he was 4 months old and emaciated. He was afraid of a lot....the dark, the leaves blowing around, my putting food into his dish etc. None of the other methods of 'traditional' training that worked with my other dog seemed to work with him. He was starting to become afraid of me as well... Leah's method of training has pushed me way outside my comfort zone but the improvements I have seen in Apollo in such a short time have convinced me this is the way to go. I look forward to seeing the awesome dog I know he will be under Leah's training methods."

-Kate, South Portland

Get Help For Your Dog

"Leah has helped me on several occasions with my unruly hound dogs. She has encouraged me in embracing the quality of their breed and she has been right about every situation we have faced to date. She is intuitive and genuinely cares about the dogs she is training. She is encouraging, smart, passionate, and a great teacher. I highly recommend Leah and this program to anyone seeking to better understand their dog."

-Jennifer Grace, Auburn