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Dogs are completely "in the moment" creatures, with no separation between mind and body. By studying the way they move and honoring their innate wildness, we can help restore their natural function: to be happy, social, and loyal companions. 

Meet & Greet: Behavioral Assessment

Meet & Greet: Behavioral Assessment

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Holistic Dog Training

Holistic Dog Training

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"For those of you who really want to get to know your dog’s nature, gain his respect, and, yes, his love, this holistic approach is enlightening. The bonus is that your dog will walk better on a leash, sit, and other types of calm and polite behavior, naturally.

Leah’s YouTube videos are extremely helpful and clear. She is always ready to listen to any question and concern, and, responds immediately whether by text, email or phone. I really appreciated Leah’s compassionate treatment of both canine and human."

-Allyson, from Portland