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Behavioral Assessment

Canine Movement Lab

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Behavioral Assessment

If your dog has reactivity issues, human or dog aggression, or problems with hyperactivity, please start here. Other issues that warrant a behavioral assessment: Separation anxiety, OCD behaviors, generalized fear and anxiety, environmental instability, excessive barking, extreme shyness, destructive in the home, biting people, fighting with other dogs.

Dogs get stressed just like people do, and they need ways to cope with this stress. Some dogs are better at naturally channeling their stress into flow and therefore remain emotionally balanced. Other dogs need help channeling this energy in healthy ways.

With a series of physical exercises, we can bring your dog's excess energy to ground. He will no longer have the need to express his stress as unwanted behavior, e.g. chewing, barking, leash reactivity, fence fighting, getting into the trash, etc. All types of behavioral issues can be helped by working with the dog's natural drive to connect with his owner and resolve stress. 

We begin our process with a behavioral assessment. We will have a long, honest talk about your goals, expectations, and current strategies. I will examine your dog's behavior and give you simple tweaks that can make big differences, such as leash handling skills and home setup to facilitate a healthy relationship between you and your dog. During this first meeting, I will also give you the first lesson in the foundations of our training method to get you started.

This session takes place in your home. If you live outside of Chattanooga, there is a travel surcharge for in-home consultations. If you would like to train virtually, please book a Phone Consultation.

After our lesson, you will receive a written follow-up report via email detailing the instructions and techniques we covered. You will have "homework" prescribed to you in this written follow-up, which you can work on as long as you wish, or until you are ready to book your next session. There is no set schedule; you just work at your own (and your dog's) pace.

Please call Leah for more information and to schedule your session: 423-468-0840

To reserve your appointment, payment is due at the time of booking.

For a full refund, cancel at least one week prior to your appointment. For a 50% refund, cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

If you have more than one dog, you will need to purchase: Behavioral Assessment: Multi-Dog Household.

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