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Big thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to provide us with this valuable feedback! 

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"Just wanting to write to thank you so much for Cosmo's session and follow up resources and give you an update on his training.
We have been consistently feeding him meals with the resistance method on walks and in the woods since we met with you. He is like a different dog! The first two weeks were rough. He had all this excess energy that was used to being channeled into fetch that he didn't know what to do with. He actually ran off in the woods for the first time ever (gone about 12 minutes!) but eventually came back to me covered in mud. Since then, I've been intentional about excitedly 'hupping' and 'readying' with him for his food, running away from him, and playing a lot more. 
We do a lot of hide and seek in the woods where he has to stay and he has blown me away with this! I can walk over 100 ft. and hide and he waits until I call him. I started taking him back to the dog park this past week, and his recall has been 100% on 2 visits! That has NEVER happened before. Even while wrestling and playing with other dogs, I called him and he came to me multiple times on each visit. I am so proud of him and so grateful to you for what you taught us. 
He also seems like a generally happier dog, too. At home, he chews on bones but we don't play inside anymore. He knows what to expect from his days and is more easy going. He still sleeps on my bed, but when I stay at my partner's I bring his dog bed (his 'place'), and he has to sleep on the dog bed there. This is new for him but he has surprised us again and follows the command to 'go to his place.' This training has made such a significant difference in my relationship with Cosmo.
Thank you, thank you."
-Liz & Cosmo



"We have 3 rescue dogs with varying temperaments, including a Sato puppy who came to us very loving and pretty anxious from his early life experiences and transitions; as well as a high-strung husky with a trauma history. Leah has show so much empathy for the dogs and the humans, and has set clear expectations for us while patiently recognizing our so-human imperfections. We are learning how to help these dogs work through their feelings instead of expecting submissive obedience, and as a result we are seeing their true personalities, and the dogs seem to genuinely want to work with us. Dog training is a lot of work, no matter what model you use, and Leah has been attentive to our million questions, frequent emails, and need for clarification. I think she loves our dogs as much as we do, so I know she’s always thinking of what’s best for them. Lastly, the online community has been essential. I can’t imagine doing this any other way."


-Heather Newton Brown


"Leah has helped me on several occasions with my unruly hound dogs. She has encouraged me in embracing the quality of their breed and she has been right about every situation we have faced to date. She is intuitive and genuinely cares about the dogs she is training. She is encouraging, smart, passionate, and a great teacher. I highly recommend Leah and this program to anyone seeking to better understand their dog."

-Jennifer Grace



"Our appreciation for your time, compassion, and expert guidance is overflowing!!! The conversation with you helped us understand Nykie’s behavior around other dogs in a way we never have before. The exercises to help decrease her stress are incredible bonding moments between us that make a truly noticeable difference. We really appreciate your thoroughness in both the Zoom chat and the follow up email. You provided us with SO many helpful tips and strategies. You empowered us with usable information for our specific set of circumstances and that is the most valuable thing someone can ask for. Thank you so much. 


For an update… all three dogs are loving life together. It didn’t take long of using the ideas you provided for Nykie and Pax to bond. Nykie has come SO far SO quickly. They are even playing with eachother! The way Nykie plays with Rocky has even changed. She is braver / less inhibited so it’s clear to see she is having more fun. It is so heartwarming and more than we ever hoped for. You are amazing at what you do and impact lives in a special way. Thank you for everything!"


-Hunter & Michael




"I first started following with the workshop about body language. Then the Nail Trim Clinic -- I have learned so much. I have always had dogs and so I didn't really expect to gain much info, but the videos and information presented are the answers to questions I never bothered to ask because I assumed everyone was struggling just like me. That is where the videos are so helpful. Good nail trimming isn't just described in detail, it is shown in detail -- with different techniques for different dogs/cats. Someone asked me the other day how I got my 6 month old pups nails looking so nice, they said they just can't get there dog to sit still. I smiled and suggested she look up this page -- I can't get my pup to hold still either, but I get her nails trimmed nice and calmly" 

-Amy Blaser Finley



 "Leah has been a pleasure to work with and is an exceptional trainer who understands animal behavior remarkably well. Whether working with dogs for basic obedience training, developing good doggy manners or working with more challenging dogs, Leah's expertise and commitment to the full spectrum of the dog's personality and the needs and desires of the dog's family make her a stellar asset to any pet owning family!"

-Yolanda Berkowitz