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Canine Resistance Training

Canine Movement Lab

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Canine Resistance Training
Canine Resistance Training

Our whole training philosophy revolves around the dog's want, and often real need, to do constructive work. Developed by Ashley Sculac, this program strikes the crucial balance between actual work and a fun work-out that provides loads of bonding between dog and owner.

We can't stress enough how important it is to exercise your dog, but with the proper activities. Tapping into their natural drive to work while also keeping them under threshold is crucial. Canine Resistance Training is a great way to channel and burn that excess energy in a "low and slow" manner. 

This is a virtual course that will be delivered as a series of videos. It will include one Zoom call for consultation and questions (up to one hour).

Also includes 6 months of online coaching in a private community.

Call or text me if you have questions: 423-468-0840


1. This training program is for dogs 1 year or older.

2. You will need to purchase a proper harness, a martingale, long-line or flexi leash, and the chains for dragging. In other words, you are responsible for buying the gear, it is not included.

3. It is highly recommended that your dog is examined by a vet or physical therapist to make sure there are no contraindications to joining this program.