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My purpose is to bring joy and harmony into people's lives by teaching them how to play-train their dogs, to resolve past traumas, and to reclaim the "inner puppy" in their dog.

I'm a dog behaviorist helping people with their fearful, reactive, and aggressive dogs. My specialization is rehabilitating dogs who have a bite or fight history. I take the methods from Somatic Therapy derived from Dr. Peter Levine, and elements of the Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges to create somatic exercises for dogs that resolve their past traumas.

I educate people on the importance of regulating not only their dog's nervous system, but also to look at where their own system may be out of balance, as this affects their dog. It's a bit like family therapy. Your dog may be the "identified patient" but we have to look at the household as a whole system with interacting parts.

I have been on a personal journey of healing since my early twenties, looking for modalities to heal my own childhood trauma, while simultaneously being fascinated and obsessed with dogs. These two passions finally came together when I met my mentor, Kevin Behan, the creator of Natural Dog Training. His paradigm embraced a somatic approach to healing dogs with post traumatic stress.

His most popular book is titled "Your Dog is Your Mirror," and it was through the mirror of my dogs' healing that I found the entry point to my own healing journey.

My mission now is to show people that by listening to their dog, and caring for their dog’s nervous system, they can learn to listen to their own nervous system and start their own process of healing.

My dream is to open a retreat center where people and their dogs come to learn cooperative, relationship-based training. In the meantime, I am furthering my education by continuing to study under different dog trainers, as well as studying the human nervous system.

Leah Lykos

Owner and Founder of Canine Movement Lab


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My Experience and Learning 

2003: Graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Creative Writing

2004-2010: Various jobs in Real Estate and other endeavors, volunteer dog walker at Midcoast Humane in Brunswick, Maine

2011-2017: Studied Natural Dog Training with founder Kevin Behan in Newfane, Vermont

2013: Opened The Evolved Dog, online retail store for dog supplies

2014: Completed 230-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina

2015: Hosted Natural Dog Training Workshop with Kevin Behan, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

2016: Founded Canine Movement Lab, home of Canine Core Method

2017: Completed my apprenticeship with Kevin Behan

2018: Completed Introduction to K9 Decoying Workshop, given by Dave Pappalardo of K9 Unlimited, Franklin, NJ

2018: Accepted invitation to become a Pets For Vets volunteer trainer with the Portland Chapter

Attended a three-day immersion training led by Kris Taylor of Taylor Made Working Dogs, San Diego, CA

2019: Completed Pets For Vets workshop: Working With a Veteran to Create the Super Bond, Baltimore, MD

Completed the BCT/Stillness Touch Initiatory Course given by Giorgia Milne in Micanopy, FL

Completed the PetTech CPR and First Aid for Pets course, given by April Begosh in Portsmouth, NH

2020: Completed Pets For Vets seminar: ACE Selection Protocol: Building the Super Bond 

2021: Certified as a Level One Instructor in Canine Resistance Training

2022: Renewed my certification with PetTech by taking the CPR and First Aid for Pets course given by Lynn Passfield

2023: Completed Irene Lyon’s 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up

Completed The Trust Technique Foundation Course

2024: Became a volunteer at Humane Educational Society

Completed the Fear Free Shelter Program


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