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Should I Feed My Dogs Green Tripe?

Should I Feed My Dogs Green Tripe?

The answer is definitely yes. But here's what you should know:  1. Green tripe looks like brains and smells like poop. It is full of digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria that will benefit your dog's gut. 2. You should never store it in plastic unless you don't mind your Tupperware smelling like a cow's stomach FOREVER. 3. Your roommates will hate you and your dog friends will love you.  4. Try to buy grass-fed, antibiotic-free tripe like we do, from ReelRAW. The bleached stuff you find at the grocery store is not what you want. 5. People who feed their...

Just Say No to Kibble

Leah Twitchell

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Just Say No to Kibble

As you may know by now, if you've ever visited this blog before, I'm a huge proponent of raw and homemade diets for dogs. So I have had my own dogs off of kibble for a year now and I've seen huge differences in the health of their skin, fur, teeth, digestion, etc. I feed a huge variety of foods to my dogs, basically anything but kibble. I love to feed them raw, pasture-raised, bone-in chicken. As Sophie has gotten older, it seems she has less tolerance for digesting raw bones unless they are ground up. So lately, they've been...

We're Feeding ReelRAW

Feeding raw does not have to be difficult or scary. Especially when you have a trusted source for raw dog food. If you've been wanting to feed your dog a raw diet, but just not sure where to begin, here's a good place to start:  ReelRAW was founded by Alissa Zalneraitis after she started making raw dog food for her own dogs and then as a service for friends and family. ReelRAW has since become so popular that they now ship nationwide! They work with local farmers to ensure that their meats are grass-fed, pastured, and free of antibiotics, hormones, and...

Why We Love The Honest Kitchen: Another Dog Food Review

So we got back on the "raw" bandwagon this year with I and Love and You. While we admit that feeding freeze dried raw is not the same as "real" raw feeding, it is a huge step up from commercial kibbles. And right now, this is as good as it gets for us and our feeding routine. So we tried the turkey and chicken formulas from I and Love and You, and we loved the turkey formula. The chicken formula was a bit too fibrous for us, although it may work well for those dogs who are either seniors or overweight (or...

We're Feeding Raw Again: "I and Love and You"

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get my dogs onto a better diet, and five months into the year, I've finally done it! We had gone through some stressful, transitional times, and I had been feeding kibble for quite a while as a matter of convenience and cost. While I ended up having good luck with Taste of the Wild kibble, I was really anxious to get them back on a raw diet. I knew at this stage of the game, buying raw chicken and making a veggie mix was not going to work for me. I've also...

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