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Emotional Grounding vs. Mental Stimulation

I recently saw an article stating that the reason a dog acts out is because he is bored and needs more mental stimulation (7 Signs Your Dog Needs More Mental Stimulation). What's more likely to be true is that your dog is already over-stimulated and this is why he's acting out.

What our dogs need today is more emotional grounding and less mental stimulation. Think about it, there's no such thing as being over-grounded, because emotional grounding is always good. But there is such a thing as being over-stimulated. We all get over-stimulated when we have too much mental activity and not enough emotional grounding. 

When you practice Holistic Dog Training, you create an emotional channel to bring your dog's energy to ground. When you create emotional grounding you allow the dog to feel flow. You also help him learn how to self-regulate by getting connected to his environment via his body, as opposed to his mind. 

When a dog acts from a place of connection to his body and to his owner, he can access a flow state, develop impulse control, and diminish any neurotic behaviors. The less we stimulate our dogs mentally, the better off they will be. There's enough natural stimulation in the world, let's give him a place to put that energy.

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