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Follow the Trigger

Leah Lykos

You Gotta Feel to Heal

If there is something about your dog's behavior that is triggering you, look at it as is a great opportunity to look within. Because "where there's a trigger, there's trauma." (Thank you, Phil Good).

You may ask yourself, "What part of me feels: unsafe/anxious/fearful/angry when my dog displays this behavior?" And then, "How can I show that part of myself: love, compassion, understanding, and patience?"

It's a process of clearing old patterns. If you can then simply hold space for your dog (in a non-reactive state) when he or she displays this behavior, you've cleared a path of healing for the both of you. Space, observation, and compassion will transmute and transform the dynamic relationship between you and your dog.

So it's not even about correcting or fixing the dog's behavior; it's a matter of self-reflection. You may even find that once you've cleared the emotional charge within you, your dog's behavior "magically" changes. And if not, just see how much space you can make for that behavior to dissipate, naturally. 

Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay

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