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Webinar on Zoom: Canine Body Language

Canine Movement Lab

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Webinar on Zoom: Canine Body Language

Did you know that the most important thing about being a dog owner is being able to read their body language? 

You can talk to your dog all day long, but do you also know how to listen? I have created this webinar to give you some insight into your dog's only language: Body Language!!!

Where: Meeting on Zoom

When: Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00-8:00 pm Eastern Time

Who: This talk is given by Leah Lykos, Canine Movement Lab

What: In this Zoom meeting we will introduce the basic concepts of canine body language. You may participate by asking questions and at the end will we conduct a group discussion to make sure everyone gets clarification on the ideas presented. 

How: Once you purchase this product, I will send you a link to the zoom meeting. You will also receive a link to the slideshow. And the recording will be yours to keep, so don't worry if you miss the live presentation. 

See you there!

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