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Working With Your Dog's Temperament

Canine Movement Lab

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Working With Your Dog's Temperament

Monday, July 10th at 7:00 pm Eastern Time

This online mini-course on Canine Temperament will help give you insight into your dog's personality, motivations, and needs. Learning how to work with your dog's specific temperament will give you a leg-up in your training. I will be giving a 1 hour webinar over Zoom.

Here's a brief outline of the topics (not necessarily in order):

  • Your Dog's Prey Threshold

  • The Emotional Pipeline/Emotional Capacity

  • How to Increase Emotional Capacity

  • How to Work with Your Dog's Specific Drives

If you miss the live webinar, it will be recorded and shared via email.

After you purchase this workshop, I will send you an invite to the Zoom meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


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