Tug Toys

These are the tugs and toys we recommend for play-training your dog. We want you to play tug with your dog, but always let the dog win. In this way, you will train a confident, happy dog who always wants to engage with you. 

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For medium dogs just beginning bite work, tug play, or bite and carry - this one will do just fine! French linen and a trusted brand, we recommend these and personally use them!



Ready for something a little bigger for your bitework? Check these out. Great for small dogs with a lot of drive, or medium dogs who need a good starter toy.




These huge bite jutes are awesome for dogs who are more advanced in bitework, are extremely toy motivated outdoors, or larger breeds. Don't be surprised with how big these are - your dog's eyes will be wide and starry-eyed with this bad boy.




Short, sweet, and to the point. These pocket jutes are ready to be stored in your pocket. Want to emulate a tiny vibrating prey animal your dog can catch from you? Go for one of these. Suitable for smaller breeds or dogs with PTSD who have been taught bite inhibition. Use this to tap back into their inner puppy.





Need a little something extra motivational for your pooch to get the bite out? If your dog doesn't bite onto a toy outside, he needs to. The feeling of something in their mouth brings them back to a neutral ground and builds confidence as they meander the streets or woods with their owner. Upside of this cool bite toy - it has a handle for tug which you let your dog win every time.