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Crates and Kennels

Every dog needs a den! In our opinion, giving your dog a den is doing them a necessary kindness. These crates will give your dog a place to chill, decompress, and restore balance to their nervous system. It also keeps young puppies safe and out of trouble. If you need help crate-training your puppy, you can start with this article or contact us. And here are the recommendations for crates that we have for you: 


Impact Dog Crates are known as one of the top brands, and worth the expense.


We also personally use and recommend Gunner Kennels. If you want help sizing your Gunner, please ask us for help, we own the intermediate and large.

Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate Dog Crate


If your dog is not a break-out artist and you feel they would be safe in something more economical, we still strongly suggest using plastic over wire crates:


Petmate Vari Kennel