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What is Dog Training?

Dog "training" is not a 6 week class and then you are done "training" your dog. Dog "training" is not a quick fix for a behavioral problem. Dog "training" is not: How do I get my dog to be obedient to me and 100% listen to his commands no matter what?

Dog training is a lifelong study in RELATIONSHIP. So what can I call myself? I am not a dog trainer. I am a student of dogs. I am a student of energy, life, and the natural order of the universe.

I am on a quest to become the most sensitive person who ever worked with dogs, and then taught their "owners" to also be the most sensitive and emotionally intelligent person that the dog ever knows.

My dogs teach me everything, I teach them nothing. My dogs are the trainers. I only hope to be as loving, present, and true as any dog. Dogs never lie. If you are ready, and want to see the clearest mirror of your own emotional turmoil, look no further than your dog. Likewise, you can see the truly loving nature of existence by also looking at your dog.

So how do we proceed at this point, understanding that the dog doesn't actually need to be taught or controlled, and that suppressing their natural drives only makes things worse?

They need to be set free. They need to be seen for their intelligence and sensitivity. And if you can hold them in that highest regard, their "issues" suddenly melt away. Magical things happen at this level. You can speak to your dog and they will listen. There are no commands. Your dog can speak, and you will feel them telling you a story.

Let's go on this journey together, as partners in a relationship. Not as a trainer teaching them how to behave. If you want to know the truth, then you should be letting them teach YOU how to behave. You need to get yourself in check before thinking you know better than a dog.

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