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Diatomaceous Earth Is Your Friend

Diatomaceous Earth Is Your Friend

My top three uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth: 1. The War on Fleas Since we live in Maine, we don't normally have too much of a problem with fleas. But every few years, we'll have a hot, dry summer and I'll start finding fleas around. Whenever you are dealing with fleas, it's great to take a multi-point approach in your plan of attack. I'd never win the war on fleas without food grade DE. I dust my dogs and cat with the powder, and also sprinkle it on any carpets, dog beds, blankets, and couches (any soft surface where fleas...

Shout-Out to the Kittehs: Best Litter, Paws Down

Leah Twitchell

Tags All natural pet products, Cats, product testing

Ok, so this is not a product we carry, but we are considering adding a line of feline products... And since a lot of dog-lovers also have kitty-cats running around we thought this recommendation may be useful to you all. This is a plug for Feline Pine, or the knock-off version, Feline Fresh. We've tried all sorts of clay, clumping, newspaper and wheat litters, but these pine pellets are simply the best. We scoop the poops and the pellets sort of slowly disappear as the litter is peed upon. The natural whatever-is-piney about pine totally neutralizes the urine odor. No...

Why We Love The Honest Kitchen: Another Dog Food Review

So we got back on the "raw" bandwagon this year with I and Love and You. While we admit that feeding freeze dried raw is not the same as "real" raw feeding, it is a huge step up from commercial kibbles. And right now, this is as good as it gets for us and our feeding routine. So we tried the turkey and chicken formulas from I and Love and You, and we loved the turkey formula. The chicken formula was a bit too fibrous for us, although it may work well for those dogs who are either seniors or overweight (or...

We're Feeding Raw Again: "I and Love and You"

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get my dogs onto a better diet, and five months into the year, I've finally done it! We had gone through some stressful, transitional times, and I had been feeding kibble for quite a while as a matter of convenience and cost. While I ended up having good luck with Taste of the Wild kibble, I was really anxious to get them back on a raw diet. I knew at this stage of the game, buying raw chicken and making a veggie mix was not going to work for me. I've also...

Year of the Horse

Leah Twitchell

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If you follow the Chinese calendar, you know that 2014 is the Year of the Horse, and this means that changes are happening fast! Here at The Evolved Dog we love this because we are all about change, and the faster the better... This year we will expand our product line and fine tune our focus on our personal, professional, and philanthropic growth. We plan to continue donating to, raising awareness of, and supporting dog adoptions through local shelters and rescue groups. We will also support other small businesses who share our same goal of making the world a better...

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