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New Year, New Dog: January Challenge

Are you ready for a January Challenge? This can transform your relationship with your dog! Follow this protocol as closely as you can and report back on the results.

Create a video of one of these activities for chance to win a special prize!

Please tag me in your videos and mention Canine Movement Lab to be eligible.

1. Hand Feed 50% of your dog's existential food.

2. Exercise outdoors at least 25 minutes per day.

3. Training and engagement 5-10 minutes per day.

4. Biological fulfillment 2-3 times per week. This could be a number of different things including sniffing and searching games, nose work, resistance training (weight pull), chewing on real bones, playing tug, etc. Should be something your dog naturally loves to do. Can also be a sport like barn hunt, agility, dock-diving, etc.

5. Massage your dog 10 minutes per day. This means "Touch Without Talk" like a real massage, not just petting or scritch scratches.
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