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Gates and Pens

Gates and Pens go hand-in-hand with Crates and Kennels. Used for house management, feline safety, potty training and so much more... here's what we recommend:


Baby Gate

Decorative Baby Gate


I actually LOVE this baby gate and my dogs have not figured out how to open it! You have to push the button and lift up at the same time. You can let it auto-close behind you, but it doesn't always "lock" shut if you do this, so I suggest taking the extra moment to make sure it is locked in place. My dogs are older now and less destructive than they used to be, so they have left the decorative webbing alone. I think it looks so nice and it was very easy to install. 


If you need to contain your puppy in a "long-term confinement area," why not set up a puppy apartment inside an X-Pen?! Here's what we recommend: 


X Pen

Midwest 30" X Pen


How to furnish your puppy's apartment: 

1. Fresh water

2. Pee pad

3. Chew toys or bones, antlers, bully sticks (while supervised)

4. Crate or dog bed