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Behavioral Consultation

Since studying dog behavior beginning in 2010, I have become adept at reading the body language of dogs. This ability to read canine body language is the key to understanding what's truly going on with your dog's emotional state.

A dog's behavior is simply the expression of an emotional state. Instead of addressing the "symptoms" and trying to get the problem behaviors to go away, we need to look at the root: your dog's emotional state and what caused it. Many dogs today, just like humans, are experiencing nervous system dysregulation.

In order to help your dog become more regulated, we have to find ways to help them feel safe, calm, and confident. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your dog's behavior, we can help start the process of transforming this situation with a Behavioral Assessment.

Once we come up with a training plan and house protocol to meet the individual needs of your dog, the problem behaviors will start to resolve.