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Our Training Methods

Our Training Methods and Philosophy on Dogs

  • A positive approach to Drive-Training (no e-collars or harsh corrections)
  • We use the primal instincts built into the canine mind to channel his drive to the owner.
  • Movement-Based Training: Behavior is movement, and a dog’s movement is dictated by his drive, therefore, if we engage their drive, we can modify their behavior.
  • Relationship-Based Training: The owner is the answer to any stress the dog is facing
  • Play-Based Training for human and dog: The dog WINS the prey with the owner.
  • The dog feels in control of his surroundings which makes him feel good.
  • We increase your dog’s emotional capacity so he can remain UNDER threshold in high-pressure situations.

The foundational exercises of our training also serve as somatic therapy for dogs with reactivity issues (see Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing)

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