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Webinar on Zoom: Canine Body Language and Bite Prevention

Canine Movement Lab

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Webinar on Zoom: Canine Body Language and Bite Prevention

Did you know that the most important thing about being a dog owner is the ability to read their body language? 

You can talk to your dog all day long, but do you also know how to listen? I have created this webinar to give you some insight on your dog's only language: Body Language!!! This class expands on our original Canine Body Language webinar and includes detailed information on Bite Prevention.

Where: Meeting on Zoom

When: Wednesday, July 10th at 6:00 pm Eastern Time

Who: This talk is given by Leah Lykos, owner of Canine Movement Lab

What: In this webinar, we will expand in detail the concepts of Canine Body Language and talk specifically about bite prevention. You may participate by asking questions, and at the end we will conduct a group discussion to make sure everyone gets clarification on the ideas presented. 

How: Once you purchase this product, you will receive a link to the zoom meeting. 

Please note, this webinar usually runs about two hours, depending on questions and comments. I will encourage this to be an interactive experience, but you don't have to participate. After the live event, you will be provided with the slideshow and video recording. 

See you there!

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