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Somatic Hound: Part Two

Canine Movement Lab

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Somatic Hound: Part Two

This online, deep-dive into somatic training for canines has the potential to transform your relationship with your dog.

This course will explore the core foundational practices of our training system. Here's a brief outline of the topics:

  • Hand-feeding
  • Making and Sustaining Contact
  • Adding Resistance
  • Collecting for Food
  • Engaging with Toy
  • Push/Pull/Win!
  • Collecting for Toy
  • Push of War and Bite & Carry (More tug work)
  • Canine Massage
  • Mawing/Mirroring/Making Contact
  • Crate Training and House Protocol
  • Balance Work
  • Barking/Speak on Command
  • Recall with Food or Toy
  • DOWN
  • STAY

This course is 16 weeks long and will include online lessons. Please note, the Zoom calls for this course will be MONTHLY instead of weekly (see schedule below). We can share videos in the activity feed and have discussions that way. I encourage everyone to video themselves doing the work, but especially if you need help with a particular exercise.

The first lesson will be available on Monday, October 11th. Our call schedule is as follows:

  • November 7th at 1 pm Mountain Time (on the day that daylight savings ends)
  • December 5th at 1 pm Mountain Time
  • January 2nd at 1 pm Mountain Time
  • January 30th at 1 pm Mountain Time

Calls will be recorded and shared within the group. Please RSVP to the calls in the event section of the course and double-check the times. Zoom should convert the time to your time zone.


After you purchase this workshop, I will invite you to join the course on our Mighty Network. Please allow a few days for this to happen, as I have to process each order individually. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!