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Canine Resistance Training

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Canine Resistance Training
Canine Resistance Training
Canine Resistance Training
Canine Resistance Training

I am now certified as a level one instructor in Canine Resistance Training!

My whole training philosophy revolves around the dog's want, and often real need, to do constructive work. Developed by Ashley Sculac, this program strikes the crucial balance between actual work and a fun work-out that provides loads of bonding between dog and owner.

I was honestly so impressed by my dogs' love of CRT. The higher the weight, the more excited they are to pull. I'm happy to share this experience with other owners so they can realize the true potential of their dogs, and the deep bond this type of work can create. This style of training allows the dog to build confidence through their partnership with the handler.

I can't stress enough how important it is to exercise your dog, but with the proper activities. Tapping into their natural drive to work while also keeping them under threshold is crucial. Canine Resistance Training is a great way to channel and burn that excess energy in a "low and slow" manner. 

FMI or to book a session: 423-468-0840 (call or text). 

If you are not local to Chattanooga, I have a virtual course that will work for distance learning, and includes one video call for consultation and questions (up to one hour). Please email me to find out more about the online course. Anyone who purchases this session gets access to the virtual course.

Please note: You can also join our Natural Dog Network and purchase a membership to the online group for Canine Core Resistance. This gives you access not only to the lessons of the virtual course, but ongoing, personalized coaching. Join here: Natural Dog Network


1. This training program is for dogs 1 year or older.

2. With any of these options, you will need to purchase a harness, a martingale, long-line or flexi leash, and the chains for dragging. In other words, you are responsible for buying the gear, it is not included.

3. It is highly recommended that your dog get checked by a vet or physical therapist to make sure there are no contraindications to joining this program.