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Apprenticeship for Aspiring Trainers

Canine Movement Lab

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Apprenticeship for Aspiring Trainers
If you are ready to learn the ART of dog training, a new way of looking at the dog, and to turn this knowledge into a rewarding career, then you might be interested in our apprenticeship program. 

This program consists of 60 hours of in-person, hands-on training with client dogs. For the most part, you can make your own schedule and complete the hours at your own pace. We do recommend at least a few hours per week, and require that your in-person learning hours be completed within 12 months of your first session. Additional learning resources will be provided, such as a private library of instructional videos, as well as a syllabus of outside reading materials. 

Please call Leah for more information and to schedule an initial phone consultation: 423-468-0840.

We are located in Chattanooga, TN and you must attend this apprenticeship in person. Follow-up email support will be provided for 6 months after you complete your in-person training.