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Joy Eriksen, Certified Small Animal Naturopath

Canine Health and Nutrition, The Natural Way

Joy Eriksen is a Certified Small Animal Naturopath. Her passion is helping people with their companion animals: keeping them healthy and vibrant for a long and happy life. A Small Animal Naturopath is different from a veterinarian. Joy educates people about the 8 Laws of Nature and how they impact the health of their animals. 

Canine Health and Nutrition

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Joy helped me get a handle on raw feeding and the results have been amazing to say the least. I had been raw feeding my dogs for quite a few years before we did our first consultation. Her advice to take my dogs off of all carbohydrates and vegetables made a noticeable difference in their mobility, skin, and brightness of their eyes. Joy has helped me better understand how to balance raw meals over time to ensure that my dogs are getting everything they need. Her encouragement to feed rotating proteins and a larger range of organ meats has further shown great benefits. 

When we moved cross country, I reluctantly fed my dogs kibble while on the road and few days thereafter. I immediately saw yeast issues on the skin and in the ears of two of my four dogs. Luckily I knew that it was due to the change in food, specifically their intolerance to the kibble they had been eating. After getting them back on a fully-raw, carb-free diet, their coats and ears are clean and don't smell at all! Hot spots are gone! Teeth are kept clean by raw meaty bones.

My now 15 year old dog is running around the yard like a young pup and still jumps for joy! I know this is due to the years we have been following a raw diet, specifically with Joy's help. Please consult with Joy if you are interested in feeding your dog a biologically appropriate diet, you won't regret it.