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Dog Training Portland Maine
They say a tired dog is a happy dog. But you know what else is true? A well-trained dog is also a happy dog. Because by well-trained we mean emotionally balanced. Wouldn't you love to have both? A happy, well-trained canine companion! Now you can. If you are in need of a dog walker as well as a dog trainer, here's your chance to kill two birds with one stone. 
I will take your dog for a mid-day walk, but at the same time incorporate a training session that can address leash issues, obedience, reactivity, fear, etc. Using the Canine Core Method we can help bring your dog's excess (compressed) energy to ground.
Please fast your dog for up to 24 hours prior to the walk, because I will be using food in our training session, and we will get a lot more accomplished if your dog is hungry. 
Half hour walks are $75 or purchase 5 sessions at once for a great discount. If you live outside of the Greater Portland area, there is a travel surcharge.
Call Leah for more information and to schedule your session: 207-939-6210. If you are a new client, please start with our Meet & Greet.
As an add-on service, we can offer your dog a Brush Out & Bath for an extra $30, or a Nail Trim for $20. 

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