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Dog Training Portland Maine
We offer one-on-one enrichment sessions if your dog needs to get out of the house for playtime and a bathroom break. These sessions ensure Fido will have a great day, because he's getting so much more than a typical walk around the block!

Our enrichment sessions are split up into 3 parts:

  • Playtime, which can include any combination of:

    • Engagement with handler/natural movement

    • Flirt Pole

    • Bite Work

    • Tug Play

    • Light Training

  • A short bathroom break

  • Bodywork

We feel that these activities will give your dog more physical exercise and emotional satisfaction in less time than just going for a walk. Your dog may even learn a new trick or two!

We have been specially trained to handle all types of dogs whether they are fearful, aggressive, reactive, what have you. Spaces are limited, so please schedule at your earliest convenience! These sessions are available at the listed prices for the following towns: Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Portland, and South Portland. 

Call Leah for more information and to schedule your session: 207-939-6210
As an add-on service, we can offer your dog a Brush Out & Bath for an extra $50, or a Nail Trim for $20. 
What our customers are saying:
"Leah is an excellent option for dog care in the Greater Portland Area. She is very responsive, extremely reliable, and clearly very savvy in the ways of our canine companions. Leah visits my home when I put in long days at work to spend time with my dog, who is wary both of strangers and other dogs. Oh, and she's terrible on a leash. Still, Leah manages to give her some structured exercise and company when I am unavailable. I love that Leah reports back after every visit with details on how my dog is doing that day. It puts my mind at ease. I initially balked at her hourly rate, but then quickly realized that the peace of mind and level of care is worth the money. Leah isn't just a dog walker - she's a trainer. She has my full confidence for any animal and I would not hesitate to recommend her."
-Claire, Cape Elizabeth