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Somatic Hound: Part Three

Canine Movement Lab

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Somatic Hound: Part Three

This course is open to everyone. We will workshop whatever issues you have with your dog in a private online community. This will be 6 months of online coaching with monthly Zoom calls.

I will create videos for you on an as-needed basis, so we will essentially workshop our way through a bunch of customized content. This program is for any and all dogs of any age, with any behavioral issues including: fear, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and reactivity. Puppies are also welcome! No topic is off limits.

Zoom call schedule is yet to be determined, we will see what works best for everyone's schedules. Calls will be recorded and shared within our group for replay when it's convenient for you.

I will INCLUDE my Canine Resistance Training program in this course as I feel it is SUPER important for behavioral cases. No extra charge for this!

This program starts May 1st and runs through the end of October, so we have plenty of time to work things through at your own pace and make some good progress with all the dogs no matter where they are at. See you there!!!