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Somatic Hound: Part One

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Somatic Hound: Part One

This online, deep-dive into somatic technology has the potential to transform your relationship with your dog and yourself.

Our training techniques have always been based on somatic practices for your dog; and now you get to join the fun by learning how to create your own somatic practice! Part one of the Somatic Hound includes the first two modules of our course, and will run from March 15th through May 23rd. Lessons will be made "live" online every Monday morning, and we will have a weekly Zoom call on Sundays following the completion of your homework. 

The first module is five weeks long and focuses on YOU becoming more embodied. This is crucial to your relationship with your dog. Then we have a one week "break" to integrate your new experiences. The second module is four weeks long and is focused on resetting your dog's nervous system. This is the first step in laying the foundation for all of our other training. A happy, trainable dog starts with a well-regulated nervous system. Once your dog is emotionally well-balanced, we can develop the trust, safety, and deep emotional rapport required for a successful relationship. 

After you purchase this workshop, I will be invite to join the course on our Mighty Network. I am manually adding people to the course, so even if you are already a member of our network, please allow up to 48 hours to be added to the course. 

Sign up by February 15th to get the early-bird pricing!  After this date, the price will increase to $325.

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


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