Canine Body Language and Bite Prevention

November 10th: Canine Body Language and Bite Prevention Webinar

Canine Movement Lab

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November 10th: Canine Body Language and Bite Prevention Webinar

Would you like a better understanding of canine body language? Want to learn the best practices for preventing dog bites? Join us for this interactive, online lecture which will be a deep-dive into reading body language and staying safe around our canine companions. 

A few of the key topics we will cover include:

  • Reading your dog's body language and understanding basic nervous system responses.
  • Understanding how physical space, confinement, and restriction of movement (e.g. being on a leash) all play a part in your dog's emotional capacity.
  • How stress affects our dogs and different coping mechanisms they use to process their emotions.
  • How your dog's level of arousal can change his sociability.
  • Detailed "Do's and Don'ts" when interacting with dogs.
  • Setting boundaries with strangers and other humans who come into contact with your dog.
  • Coping with social pressure to have a "friendly dog."
  • How to deal with on-leash greetings (or more precisely, how to avoid them).

Date: November 10th at 1 pm, EST.

You may join live or watch the presentation at your convenience. This course takes place on Facebook, so you must be able to log onto this platform in order to participate. You will have lifetime access to the video recording within a private Facebook group.

Please email Leah with any questions:

Or you can call: 207-939-6210