Canine Body Language and Bite Prevention

Puppy Raising 2.0 Free Webinar

Canine Movement Lab

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Puppy Raising 2.0 Free Webinar

Would you like to learn our best tips for raising a healthy, happy dog? This free webinar will focus on:

-Hand-feeding as the best bonding and training technique

-How much socialization does puppy really need?

-Myths about pack leadership and respect

-What is bite inhibition and do we need to "teach" it

-Crate training tips

-What is resource guarding and how it most likely caused

-Should we "correct" or punish our puppy? (The answer is no, but we'll discuss why)


Join us as we outline best practices for holistic puppy raising!

Where: Private Facebook Group: Canine Core Community

When: December 13th at 7 pm EST (on daylight savings)

Who: Leah Twitchell of Canine Movement Lab 

This course takes place on Facebook, and you must join our private group in order to watch the webinar. If you can't join live, it will be available for replay within the group. 

Please email Leah with any questions:

Or you can call: 207-939-6210

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