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Interview with Joy Eriksen: Canine Nutrition and Raw Feeding

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Interview with Joy Eriksen: Canine Nutrition and Raw Feeding

If you missed the live talk, you can catch the replay here:

Raw Feeding with Joy Eriksen


On March 9th at 1 pm EST, we will be interviewing Joy Doutt-Eriksen about canine nutrition and how to feed your dog a raw diet. This event takes place in our Canine Core Community. If you would like to join us live, make sure you are getting notifications from the group. You may also choose to watch the replay later.

Joy Doutt-Eriksen is a Certified Small Animal Naturopath, which means she can work with dogs, cats, and ferrets. The cornerstone of Naturopathy is nutrition, and she is especially passionate about studying the microbiome and the enteric nervous system. This is a new and rapidly growing field.

Joy grew up in the farm country of rural Pennsylvania. She always had a great love of all animals, but the dog in particular. She has trained and showed in obedience competition, taking her dogs to advanced degrees and winning High in Trial. She also became an Animal Control Officer and a State Humane Officer for the local Humane Society.

Her journey into Naturopathy began in 2005, when her Springer Spaniel, Hobbes, began to have seizures after his second rabies shot. Since then, she has not vaccinated any of her dogs. At that point, she was still feeding kibble, and using other allopathic medications for them.

In 2005, Joy experienced her own health crisis when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She dove into health and nutrition and with the help of an amazing doctor, was able to overcome it.       

In 2011, her Golden Retriever, Josephine, became ill and died from cancer. She finally "saw the light" (her words) and started feeding raw. She studied all she could find about raw feeding. Since she had no one to teach her, she learned in the trenches how to feed raw. In 2012, she found a radio show on the internet called “Animal Talk Naturally,” hosted by two amazing women. She started listening to their archived shows and began to apply what she was learning, which included unlearning a few things, such as feeding veggies.

We hope you'll join us for this informative talk!    


Where: Canine Core Community Facebook Group

When: March 9th from 1-2 pm EST

Who: Canine Movement Lab will interviewing Joy Dout Eriksen, CSAN

What: This presentation will be given as a Facebook Live, and the video will be available to view afterwards.

RSVP: Get updates and reminders by responding to the event 

This course takes place on Facebook, so you must be able to log onto this platform in order to participate. 

Please email Leah with any questions:

Or you can call: 207-939-6210




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