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Doggie Day School
School is now in session! If you’re thinking about daycare for your dog but want something with more individualized attention and training, why not enroll him in our doggie day school? In the course of a day your dog will receive:
-One-on-one care and attention 
-One-on-one training sessions throughout the day
-Basic obedience work such as: sit, down, stay, come-when-called, and heeling
-Specialized training for behavioral modifications, if needed
-Free time in our fenced yard to just be a dog, doing doggie things 
-Enrichment activities and play-training to satisfy your dog’s prey-drive
-Touch Without Talk, essential oils optional
Additional services are à la carte: 
-Nature walk at Pleasant Hill Preserve: $20
-Nail trim: $15
-Brush-out: $10
Our training methods are positive and holistic. We just need you to bring a hungry dog who is ready to work for food!
Doggie day school is perfect for puppies, rescue dogs, dogs with special needs, behavioral cases, shy dogs who need socialization, outgoing and high-drive dogs who would do well with extra exercise, and everyone in-between!
Enrollment is limited to three dogs per day. Please call ahead to register your dog and reserve your school days. You can contact Leah directly for more information and to schedule your interview: 207-939-6210.