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Canine Core Continuing Ed

Canine Movement Lab

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Canine Core Continuing Ed
For anyone who has studied the basics, taken a lesson or two, or has completed some basic training with a similar method, this continuing education study group is the perfect place to be!
This group will cater to the specific needs of the students, therefore the curriculum has no set structure. Of course, we will upload training videos to get you started with some of the more advanced core work, such as bite-work, collection, and obedience training. However, the flow will be dictated by the group, not the trainer. Think of it like self-directed learning.
You will be invited to share videos of your training sessions, ask questions about specific issues that need a little extra help, and get feedback (from the trainer and the group) in order to fine-tune the biomechanics of your training techniques.
Some of the topics we will focus on:
  • Using the "high collar" for collection and calmness
  • Correct use of the box for teaching place/settle
  • Bitework and engagement
  • Recall
  • Speak on command
  • Touch Without Talk
  • Indoor house protocol
  • Shaping drive into obedience
  • Proper leash walking
  • The general philosophy of Canine Core
  • Grooming tips

When: Ongoing, rolling admissions

Where: This course takes place on Facebook, so you must be able to log onto this platform in order to participate.

Please email Leah with any questions:

Or you can call: 207-939-6210

The cost of this study group is $100 for three months. We recommend a minimum of three months to see improvements in your training and in the dogs. If you need a payment plan, let us know!