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Nov 30th-Dec 2nd: Canine Core Basics - Online Workshop

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Canine Core Basics: Online Dog Training Seminar
Nov 30th-Dec 2nd: Canine Core Basics - Online Workshop

Join us for this three-day interactive workshop to learn the basics behind drive training, leash handling, and obedience! Are prey drive and obedience connected? Yes. And we will teach you how.

The beginning steps to building a bond with your dog include: hand feeding, making contact, and shaping their drive into basic obedience behaviors. In this three-day intensive online workshop, we will teach you the basics of drive training. This will include: attracting and channeling your dog’s prey drive, leash handling skills, and intensifying attraction to you as the handler. All of these skills will help strengthen your dog’s engagement, recall, and obedience. It is also a great way to start rehabbing a reactive dog. So everyone is welcome to join this course!

This program includes:

  • Live presentations on basics of prey drive and holistic training
  • Many how-to videos to get you started on the right path, with detailed instructions on technique
  • A private Facebook group for you to share your experiences
  • Troubleshooting any specific roadblocks that may come up for you and your dog
  • How to fine-tune your techniques to get the most out of this training
  • The benefit of community learning while training your dog from the comfort of your own home
  • Shaping drive into obedience
  • Option to upgrade and include a 30-minute video consultation

When: November 30th-December 2nd

Where: This course takes place on Facebook, so you must be able to log onto this platform in order to participate.

Please email Leah with any questions:

Or you can call: 207-939-6210

Workshop only: $189.00

Workshop plus private consultation: $239.00

The general schedule for the course is Friday: 4:00-6: 30 pm, Saturday 12:00-6: 30 pm, and Sunday 12:00-6: 30 pm. That means the Facebook group will be "active" during these times and we will posting videos and tutorials in these approximate time frames. We will also be giving live lectures and available for questions. This does not mean you have to be in attendance during these times. You will have lifetime access to the group and videos, and can watch and practice at your convenience. The cut-off time to submit your own videos for feedback and consultation is going to be Monday at 12:00 pm. 

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