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Skeeter Skidaddler all natural bug spray made in Maine
Skeeter Skidaddler ingredients all natural bug spray

We finally found a safe, all natural bug repellent that actually works! Completely DEET free, this delicious smelling bug spray (smells like cinnamon!) is perfect to put on our dogs and ourselves (though not for cats). We've been using it all summer, and very happy with the results. It really does keep the bugs away, and makes spending time outside so much more enjoyable, all without the worry of toxic chemicals. 

This 100% natural 'Skeeter Skidaddler contains cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, and eucalyptus all in a base of organic sunflower oil. It does NOT contain any citronella, cedarwood oil, or DEET. 'Skeeter Skidaddler is handcrafted here in our home state of Maine. The aluminum bottle and plastic top (including cover) are all recyclable. This 2.7 oz will last for 75-100 applications (roughly 8-12 cents per application) giving you 300-400+ hours of protection per bottle. Well worth the investment!

We carry the "Furry Friend Friendly" formula. If you'd like to check out the original or other formulas, or to read more in depth about the ingredients, use, or instructions for travel, please check out the website here: 'Skeeter Skiddadler

2.7 oz. Made in the USA. Free shipping to the lower 48. 


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