Holistic Dog Trainers

We are happy to service the Greater Portland area (and beyond with mileage). To book your appointment, call or text Leah on her cell phone: 207-939-6210. Here are some listings outside of our service area, of trainers we recommend who practice Holistic Dog Training.
  Dog In Neutral, Montclair, NJ: 847-942-7251

Sam and Sammie to the rescue! These two are on a mission: to help the dog be a dog again. They believe that:

"Puppies are born perfect. Traumatic experiences in their early life instill them with 'kinks' which we call behavioral problems. These kinks take the dog away from it's pure puppyhood and manifest themselves in behaviors from the traumatic event that hurt them, scared them, or shamed them. These behaviors that resulted from trauma are displayed through aggression and fear."

Visit their website and contact them if you need help with your dog. We personally know and recommend this fantastic pair of trainers.