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Free Lecture Series

We are available to give the following lectures at your business location, at no cost to you or the public. Lectures cover a range of canine topics and can be customized for your audience. Each talk is approximately 45 minutes long (though some run longer) and we welcome a Q&A session at the end. 

Potential Topics:

Holistic Puppy Raising: Everything you need to know about puppies in the first six months of their life. (Click the link above to see a sample of our slideshow presentations.)

Canine Body Language: This lecture actually has two parts which can be given together or separately. The first part focuses on Dog-to-Dog interactions and the second part focuses on Dog-to-Human interactions. Great tips on reading the subtle body cues our dogs are always giving us.

What people are saying about this talk:
"Thank you for a great presentation today! You could tell you are very passionate about canine behavior! I learned a great deal due in part to the way you framed dog behavior and experiences." - Leslie
"Thank you. It was very informative. We’ve been dog owners for many years and we learned a lot today about what our dogs' behaviors actually mean." -Renee
"Thank you for speaking! It was super fun to come, listen, and learn more about body language! We need more of these talks! Now, I'm able to read and understand my two troublemakers more! I'm so excited to share this slide with my friends and family!" -Lexi


Natural Obedience: How to tap into your dog's natural drives in order to train them in a connected and holistic manner. Whether your dog has tons of prey-drive or play-drive, we want to capture the natural flow of their energy in order to train them in a way that is positive and fun.

Rescue Dog Rehab: A lot of people are rescuing dogs today and with good reason! Giving a dog a second chance is a wonderful and fulfilling mission. It can also come with many challenges. In this talk, we focus on how to integrate your new dog into the home, and what kind of obedience or behavioral work they might need to come into harmony with your household.

Reactivity in Dogs: Many dogs today exhibit reactivity, which always stems from fear, but can express itself as aggression. We will go lightly into nervous system science and the reason why all dogs show their reactivity in different ways based on their temperament. Then we will explain some simple exercises to help bring your dog back to neutral ground. 

Dogs and Children: Dogs and children are sometimes a tricky mix! Let's talk about how to manage the situation and help keep everybody safe. There are many things we can do to help our children understand how to give dogs the space they need, the correct way to pet a dog, and how to have the most fun possible with their own dog

How to Contact:

Please send us an email using the form below if you are interested in hosting, co-hosting, or sponsoring any of these lectures. 

You can also reach Leah directly on her cell phone: 207-939-6210.