My passion for dog training has thus far outweighed any other interest in my life. When I was a little girl of five years old, I begged my parents for a dog, but instead we got a cat (whom I loved dearly). However, after much more persuasion, we finally got our first dog when I was about ten years old, and since then I have never been without a dog of my own. I have also been on a life-long quest to understand dogs and how to communicate properly with them so that we both end up happy. After about 20 years of taking different kinds of obedience lessons, searching for the right trainer, and encountering a variety of challenges along the path, I finally found Natural Dog Training, founded by Kevin Behan. My first exposure to Natural Dog Training was through one of Kevin’s books called Your Dog is Your Mirror. This book resonated with me so strongly that I knew I had to bring my dogs to Kevin. 

I've been working with Kevin to learn his system of Natural Dog Training since 2011, and now offer dog training services in Portland, Maine. I also offer tele-training via phone and Google Hangouts for long-distance clients who need help with their dogs. Any type of behavioral challenges are welcome. Because of the holistic nature of Natural Dog Training, we are able to solve many types of issues that your dog may be having, from leash reactivity to separation anxiety. Our holistic approach can help to re-balance your dog's emotional state of being.

Leah Twitchell, Owner and Founder of Canine Movement Lab


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