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About Us

Dear Friends and Customers,

My passion for dog training has thus far outweighed any other interest in my life. When I was a little girl of five years old, I begged my parents for a dog, but instead we got a cat (whom I loved dearly). However, after much more persuasion, we finally got our first dog when I was about ten years old, and since then I have never been without a dog of my own. I have been a dog-lover since I was born, it’s in my heart to welcome dogs into my life. I have also been on a life-long quest to understand dogs and how to communicate properly with them so that we both end up happy. After about 20 years of taking different kinds of obedience lessons, searching for the right trainer, and encountering a variety of challenges along the path, I finally found Natural Dog Training, founded by Kevin Behan. My first exposure to Natural Dog Training was through one of Kevin’s books called, Your Dog is Your Mirror. This book resonated with me so strongly that I knew I had to bring my dogs to Kevin. If you’d like to purchase a copy of Kevin’s book, you can find it in our store: Your Dog Is Your Mirror.

Because dogs have played such an integral part in my life, helped shape my views on the world, and been my main anchor–keeping me grounded in good times and bad–I have opened a store dedicated to bringing the very best pet supplies to the market. While there is a wide array of foods, toys, training gear, and accessories available on the market today, it is my policy to sell only the highest quality, eco-conscious, made-in-America products for your dogs. My mission is to keep our dogs healthy and happy, while making it easy-as-pie for us humans to be conscious consumers. You can read a detailed list of the values that guide The Evolved Dog here: About The Evolved Dog.


Leah Twitchell

The Evolved Dog, LLC