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Our Values

NOTE: It has been brought to our attention that while we work with US companies who manufacture here in America, not all of the raw materials in our products have been certified to be Fair Trade. Please bear with us while our store continues to evolve by moving to a 100% Fair Trade policy.

Dear Friends and Customers,

The reason this store was born is because we care about the best interest of dogs and the environment-- for us, it’s not about increasing the bottom line, it's about raising the vibration of the planet, one dog at a time.

As many of you already know, we are a small business founded by a single entrepreneur. We believe in caring for our dogs the same way we take care of ourselves, in the most natural way possible while supporting healthy communities, domestic production and the environment. We are founded on very simple but important principles:

1. We want to provide you with the opportunity to shop for high quality products that will enrich the life of your dogs.

2. We will always do business with vendors who manufacture in the USA. We will do our very best to explain the origin of the raw materials, because some components of the products are either not available domestically, or they are specifically used because of their quality. For example, our leather leashes are made in Texas from German leather.

3. We care about the environment--that's why we want our products to be eco friendly, but that's not all: we also use shipping supplies from Globe Guard which are recycled and recyclable. So it's not just our products that are eco-friendly, it's our business practices as well.

4. We fully “vet” all of our products so you don’t have to worry about the quality or origin of our collection. We research and test our products on our own dogs and don't carry anything in our store that we haven't found to be truly worthy.

5. We like to source our products from other micro-entrepreneurs who share our same values.

6. We give back to the community by making donations to our local animal shelters, and by promoting the foster and adoption of homeless animals.

7. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and allow you to return anything for any reason with a full refund.

8. We offer free standard shipping within the contiguous United States so you never worry about overpaying for "shipping and handling."

9. We strive to serve as a resource and forum for other dog-lovers searching for the best advice on subjects such as training, behavior, nutrition and diet for their canine companions.

10. We love dogs and always want what's best for them because we believe that the way we treat, love and respect our fellow beings on earth is a true and accurate reflection of the human soul. We believe that a dog is a gift in your life like no other, and we intend to treat that gift with the highest respect.

The heart of this business is our connection to dogs. Not just our own dogs, or even our customers' dogs, but dogs everywhere. So if you share our same values, we know you will love shopping with us.

As a patron of our boutique pet store we believe you deserve the very best, so please leave us comments or email with feedback, and let us know if you enjoy shopping our site, reading our blog, or if there are any special products you'd like to see here. We read and respond to all inquiries: Contact Us.


Leah Twitchell

Owner at The Evolved Dog, LLC

Me and my favorite dogs, Eva the Diva (pit mix) and Sophie (fancy-face boxador). At home in the woods of Maine.