Canine Body Language and Bite Prevention


We're Changing Our Name: Canine Movement Lab

Leah Twitchell

You may have noticed that we are re-branding and changing the focus of our business. We are (slowly) closing our retail store and focusing our efforts solely on dog training. Our new name is Canine Movement Lab, to reflect the fact that our dog training methodology is based on the study of how dogs move and why. By studying the way dogs move, and realizing that their physical movements are expressions of emotional states of being, we can help your dog move better, and therefore feel better. This holistic approach can be used to rehabilitate dogs who are experiencing stress, have a history of trauma, or are simply lacking a healthy connection with their owners. Currently we offer Private Training Sessions in the Portland, Maine area, as well as Walk and Train Sessions.
Part of studying canine movement includes gaining proficiency in reading their body language.

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