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We Are Moving!

Leah Lykos

Canine Movement Lab is moving to Flagstaff, AZ

We are sad to leave our fluffy friends in Maine! But it's time to make a change, so we are moving on to new adventures...

If you are local to Maine, please stay tuned for more virtual course offerings. I recently became certified in Canine Resistance Training and will be developing a virtual coaching program.

If you would like to book an appointment before I go, for training or nail trimming, please text 207-939-6210 ASAP, I'm working till April 24th.

We will be on the road from May 1st, to May 7th. I will be answering emails, but please give me extra time as we are driving approximately 2,700 miles that week. 

Follow us on Instagram to see how we move our elderbulls cross country. 


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