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We're Feeding Raw Again: "I and Love and You"

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get my dogs onto a better diet, and five months into the year, I've finally done it! We had gone through some stressful, transitional times, and I had been feeding kibble for quite a while as a matter of convenience and cost. While I ended up having good luck with Taste of the Wild kibble, I was really anxious to get them back on a raw diet. I knew at this stage of the game, buying raw chicken and making a veggie mix was not going to work for me. I've also...

What to Feed Your Dogs and Cats?

This is perhaps the most important question regarding the health of our animals, because health begins with diet. If you're feeding Science Diet because your Vet has prescribed it, you may want to question what kind of a Vet you are using. Read the ingredients: cats and dogs did not evolve to eat corn and soy! The Vet who prescribes Science Diet is padding their income with sales of an inferior pet food product, and in my eyes, this is unacceptable. Your dog's dream dinner This is not to say that I haven't fed my dogs commercial kibble. It's just...

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