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Now Taking New Clients

I'm now booking new clients for my Walk and Train service! If you live in the Greater Portland area and need a dog walker or a dog trainer, let me know. I'm happy to walk or train, but specialize in doing both at once.

Here's what one of my clients, Kim, had to say about her experience: 

"I rescued Addie, a beagle-hound mix, just over 3 years ago. And, while she is the most loving and sweet dog I have ever met, she was also the most energetic and hard to handle. Addie's lack of recall meant she was a 'flight risk' and always had to be on leash or in a fenced-in area, and her anxiety (both separation and around other dogs) had reached epic proportions. For the last 3 years everyone told me 'a tired dog is a happy dog' and that I simply was not getting her energy out. I ran and walked Addie for miles on a daily basis, even trained her on a treadmill--she never got tired, and her anxiety continued to climb.

Enter Leah and Natural Dog Training. I'll be honest, I was not convinced Natural Dog Training would work as it seemed nothing else had. I could not have been more wrong. Leah's love for dogs was evident from the moment she met Addie. Her calm, gentle, and focused way of training proved itself, and within the first couple of sessions I noticed an improvement with Addie's recall and focus. By the time Leah wrapped up training, I could safely take Addie out for bathroom breaks leash-free. In addition to that, she was starting to speak on command, and seemed overall more relaxed and able to settle.
I also really appreciated that Leah gave me tips on how to keep the training going between sessions, and provided videos and feedback. I am so happy to have had Leah work with Addie and me, it has made a huge difference!"

So if you think your doggo could benefit from a midday walk with a some Holistic Dog Training, call me! Here's my cell: 207.939.6210 or send an email:

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