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Canine Core Photo Contest

Leah Twitchell

We are hosting another photo contest along with our partners at Dog In Neutral! You can submit your photos through August 22nd and invite your friends to vote. Winners will be featured in our 2019 Canine Core Calendar and also win a free copy!

Voting is open to the public and the TOP winner will be granted FREE ADMISSION to our Canine Connection Workshop in October.

Second place will win a free video consultation with Dog In Neutral and Canine Movement Lab.

Third place will win a 6-foot Bayline leash from Canine Movement Lab.

We want to see your dogs embracing their inner wildness and practicing Canine Core Method! Try to capture one of the following activities: hand feeding, making contact, pushing (if back-tied MUST be on a back clip harness), collecting, bite work (MUST be on a back clip harness), chilling out on their relaxation station (box, crate, etc.), enjoying some massage/bodywork, speaking on command, and walking/running alongside the owner in sync.

Photos may be submitted on this form, or by including the hashtag #caninecorecalendar2019 on Instagram, Twitter, or on our Facebook page.

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