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Book Club Starts in February

Leah Lykos


Book Club is starting in February! Join us in our Mighty Network to take part.


Here's a list of books we will read together in our book club, with Zoom call dates:  



Waking the Tiger: Feb 20th and March 20th

The Genius of Dogs: April 17th and May 22nd

The First Domestication: June 19th and July 17th

Pukka's Promise: August and September

In an Unspoken Voice: October and November

Dog Language: December and January, 2022

The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy: February and March, 2022

How Dogs Work: April and May, 2022


Wow! Already have a whole year's worth of books. This schedule is subject to change and I need to solidify dates for the calls after March. Zoom calls will be recorded and posted in the group in case you miss the call. Cost to join the group is $6.99/month. 


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