How I Tricked My Cat into Eating Raw Food

Leah Twitchell

As you may know by now, I am pretty devoted to finding the best diets for dogs and cats. Up until this point, my cat would not eat raw, even though my dogs happily do so and thrive. So she was on a pretty steady diet of canned food until we found Stella and Chewy's Salmon and Chicken Dinner! It is dehydrated raw, but so very easy to prepare. And once it's hydrated, it has the consistency of canned food, so kitty loves it! 

We live in Portland, Maine, and we shop locally at Planet Dog.

Dogs love it, too!!! :)

 Happy Feeding!

Xo Leah


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  • So Stella and Chewy’s dog food works for pushing? We used Primal nuggets with our previous dog and just got another dog so are using it again. But it gets mushy when completely thawed but I don’t wanna feed my dog really cold food. Doesn’t feel right. We had sessions with both Neil and Kevin with our previous dog, Brownie who died suddenly 3 years ago. But we just got another big dog a week ago and started doing pushing with him right away. And I just ordered the Natural Heeler since he is challenging to walk.


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