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Shout-Out to the Kittehs: Best Litter, Paws Down

Leah Twitchell

Ok, so this is not a product we carry, but we are considering adding a line of feline products... And since a lot of dog-lovers also have kitty-cats running around we thought this recommendation may be useful to you all. This is a plug for Feline Pine, or the knock-off version, Feline Fresh. We've tried all sorts of clay, clumping, newspaper and wheat litters, but these pine pellets are simply the best. We scoop the poops and the pellets sort of slowly disappear as the litter is peed upon. The natural whatever-is-piney about pine totally neutralizes the urine odor. No joke. There is no perfume/chemical smell covering up the smell. It simply smells fresh and piney.

Once the pellets are all broken down, you can throw it away, and this stuff is totally compostable (although I would not use this to make soil for a garden because cat feces is not an approved compost material). The box cleans up really easily with water (and maybe some vinegar or soap), way easier than that sticky mud that is left behind by clumping clay litters.

You can read more about this product at Feline

The following link is where you can find Feline Pine Original Litter on Amazon and it is an affiliate link, meaning that if you click through and make a purchase, we will earn a small (tiny, really!) commission at no extra charge to you:


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