October is Fair Trade Month!

Leah Twitchell

Ok, so we are a tad bit late getting on the bandwagon, but did you know that October is Fair Trade Month!?


It has been brought to our attention that while we work with US companies who manufacture here in America, not all of the raw materials in our products have been certified to be Fair Trade. Please bear with us while our store continues to evolve by moving to a 100% Fair Trade policy.

If you would like to know why buying Fair Trade is so very important, please start with this website for more information: We finally became enlightened to the fact that it is silly to go around protecting dogs and the environment, while completely ignoring the fact that we may be harming human beings with our purchases of products that could contain raw materials that have not been Fair Trade certified. 

Please also check out because it was our friend, Karen Burnell, who enlightened us to the idea that we might be supporting slave labor unless we know the exact origin of all the raw materials in our products. 

We will be evolving over the next year by working with our current vendors and screening new vendors with this 100% Fair Trade policy. Thanks for your continued support! 


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