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We're Feeding ReelRAW

Feeding raw does not have to be difficult or scary. Especially when you have a trusted source for raw dog food. If you've been wanting to feed your dog a raw diet, but just not sure where to begin, here's a good place to start:

ReelRAW was founded by Alissa Zalneraitis after she started making raw dog food for her own dogs and then as a service for friends and family. ReelRAW has since become so popular that they now ship nationwide! They work with local farmers to ensure that their meats are grass-fed, pastured, and free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. If your dog has been suffering with allergies, ear-infections, dental issues, dry skin, hot-spots, or any irritable bowel symptoms, you may want to consider feeding raw. 

These are the 2 lb. rolls which are super convenient to thaw in the fridge 
and scoop out whatever portion you want.

We ordered the Caterkillar Chicken Roll, the Ballin' Beef and Green Tripe Roll, and the Organ Roll, all with bone-in (pictured above). We also bought 10 lbs. of the Complete Chicken Ground Mix, which came in a big bag and will need to be portioned out after it's thawed, but it is super-economical at 2.99/lb! I've bought high-end kibble in the past that cost nearly as much. Yikes!

And speaking of, did you know that kibble was only invented in the past century, and that everyone used to feed their dogs raw up until the recent past? If your Vet is not an advocate of raw diets, that's fine. But just know that the convenient invention of kibble is not all it's cracked up to be. And after all, what you feed your dog should be decided by you, after you've done your research and decided for yourself what is best for your dog

Of course, if it were up to Eva, she'd eat anchovies all day.

ReelRAW offers custom, pre-measured portions according to your dog's weight so all you have to do is thaw and feed! If you visit their website, there is a feeding calculator, sample menu plans, and plenty of information about feeding your dogs a raw food diet. 

Our dogs are very happy with our first shipment. Since I had them on a dehydrated raw food which included vegetables, we are simply mixing the two together to make the transition. Personally, I don't mind feeding my dogs a mix of everything: raw, dehydrated, home-cooked etc. But ReelRAW makes it so easy to portion and feed, you may decide to just feed raw. And it's best for their tummies if you don't mix raw and cooked or raw and kibble. If you are feeding a combo, just separate the type of food they eat by mealtime so they aren't digesting raw and kibble at the same time. (It takes away from the nutritional value of the raw.)

I won't go into the details of how to feed raw in this article, just check out Alissa's site for yourself and start with the resources she has posted there. I do think a probiotic is a good addition to any healthy diet, so check out these Probiotics for Dogs while you're doing your raw food research. 

Happy feeding! 

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